The Fantasy: part I

The day seems long and gray consumed with one thought in a mind where everything else is in a fog. It is the same kind of feeling that we bathe in when we are young teens. New territory and fear of the unknown paralize us into not moving. Stuck in mire. Seeing no way out from our thoughts, we begin to live in them.

Within those thoughts of fantasy and fairytales lie gloden glimmers of hope and beautiful endings. So we choose to stay there. We stay there until the reality of what is expected of us comes back, knocking at us at the end of the day. We learn how to make it look alright from an outsiders perspective, as we wait for the darkness at days end to take us to our dreams. Sometimes we play there, as we rest. The joy is renewed until the cast of sun upon our face at daybreak awakens us to the gray again. The cycle is repeated. Waiting, wondering, wanting, hoping but never knowing for sure where it leads.

Then the opportunity to live the fantasy presents itself. Like pandora's box, safety and routine is assured only unless the fantasy is opened, but once it has escaped, our reality will have changed and never be what it was again.

Is the fantasy worth the risk?

Is the risk the fantasy?
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Anonymous said...

My goodness,
You captured the teenage dilemma as if it were me writing it. I thought I was the only one in the world who ever felt that way. Your writing is so deep and your soul so pure. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt thoughts.

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Well now ... that is deep! I am still mulling this post around in my head. I am not a risk taker ... and I hate change ... so I think I get what you are saying! It was a lovely read, though, Donna! I am just wondering what that specific risk/fantasy is ... but I guess I might find out in Part 2! Hugs xxx

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Oh ... one last thing ... I am so glad to have caught up on reading all your wonderful thoughts & memories. It took a little time ... but thankfully ... today ... I had the time! But ... is there any chance you could put an email sub 'thinggy' in your sidebar ... so I won't miss any future posts??? Hugs xxx