The Dragon

How can it be that a dragon lies asleep for decades and when he is reawakened he is stronger and more determined. He will disrupt the calm over the land much more than he ever did before?

The princess felt safe for all those years and never thought about the danger beyond the castle gates, and so she went about her way picking flowers in the soft sunlight of May. Then the winter gray set itself upon the country side that February, and death stealthily crept in upon the guards and the gate was openened. The dragon stood overshadowing the light, he was magnificent and his beautiful colors shone like jewels in the rays beaming down upon his back, but as the sunlight began to be covered in the clouds of the lurking storm, the wind began to blow. He took her heart and they flew together across the mountains where she saw her future. She saw what she would be leaving behind, the secure life she had been living her whole life would come to an end. She felt the freedom upon the wings of the dragon as the wind blew here hair and yet she could not see the whole story. What did it hold for her? What storms and perils did it leave behind? The morning light gave her a clear vision, but without warning the evening fell and took that away. The shadows of the canyons gave her no comfort, when the candles died.
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

I know that there is always some hidden link to your life in some way within your words! hhhmmm ... this one certainly had me thinking! What candles have died ... who is the dragon ... what are you escaping from ... and what comfort do you need???? Hugs, hunny! xxxxx