The whir of the spin cycle clangs the glass top on the soap dispenser and signals the end of the cycle. Simple sounds becon the mind to begin or end a chore, the simple cadence of everyday life keeps the rythm so everything is in tune.

Chaos in a heart often brings the desire for an organized pace in every other part of the soul. It then spills out into the field of living and includes such things as laundry. I even choose to do the dishes by hand during this time of reacclimation. The simple task brings me back to when I was young. I did my best contemplating while wahsing and then drying dishes. The mundane rythmic chore brought peace in the pace and allowed my mind to wander.

I always love the end of the chaos. The time where you have come full circle and see the beginning and then see the end with all the middle parts in between. When it finally connects and you have your answer the chaos is in tune and spins perfectly in order. You have learned a lesson and the reward is more than you could have imagined.

The letting go is the fun part if you are trusting, and it feels like the time when you were little and you spun around with the water in your pail and you never lost a drop. It was all there churning and in chaos but in the end it settled down and made you giggle.

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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

I am always amazed where you get the inspiration for the thoughts you share here! I often try to read between the lines. I wonder how accurate I am??? Hhhmmm! Hugs xxx