The sound of birds chirping, as the soft yellow light of day broke, was a drastic comparison to the the week just passed. As I lay there listening to them, I pictured them gathering twigs for their new homes. It had been gray and wintery of late and today opened with a glimpse of the spring to come in every detail of it's design, and the birds were at work. I lay under the white fluffy cloud of my comforter. I loved my bedroom. The soft latte colored walls made it feel like a protective nook and the white lace curtains and bed linens made it feel luxurious like I was in the palace of Cleopatra. I had often thought that in modern times I was as blessed as she was and lived with the same kind of comforts that she did, and I lived a lavished life. I would often think of how opulent I thought her life was against the backdrop of the slaves in Egypt, and then think well I am in the same kind of life, and I could see that as I looked honestly outside my own chamber windows. I wondered what God thought of that. My mind was brought back to the sound of the birds. The birds have nothing but song. A humble gift that gives US joy. They ask for nothing, that they themselves cannot get on their own for survival, and yet they are happy to live their life in the natural simple cycle of it. We are so much more able than that, and yet we have not learned the lessons. We are always searching for more and wanting what we can't have. We need to learn that the quest of want and accumulation is pointless. We need to give up our song for others to enjoy, for in the end we will return to the crust of the earth just like the bird.
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Hi my friend!
I can sense a sadness in this message. I do hope you managed to get out from under that 'doona' (comforter) and get on with things. I understand your concern about the directions and priorities of life. If only we could stop and contemplate things more often ... instead of busily rushing from one thing to another. We are blessed with lots of birds here! So many ... in fact ... that we have 2 fake owls sitting near the house ... to scare off the miner birds that constantly try to build their nests under our verandah! Safe & dry for them ... but noisy & bird licey for us! We have some beautiful Rosellas & Rainbow Parakeets who visit. We also have a resident REAL owl who sits on the top of our driveway post. And ... the other day ... I saw this huge bird fly down from the escarpment ... and right over our paddocks and realised it was an Australia wedge-tailed eagle. It was amazing! We have a pair of kookaburras that live in the gum tree near the front of the house! We also had some wood ducks that nested in the big gum tree in front of our house. Every year they would come & care for their eggs/ducklings ... then the time would come for them to leave the next for good. It was a good 20' to the ground ... and mum & dad sat at the bottom of the tree coaxing their duckies down to the ground. What an amazing sight ... to see these little babies dive to the ground ... and pick themselves up. One year they left 2 behind in the nest (oh ... they were frightened little things that just wouldn't leave the nest). Shane had to climb up and rescue them because mum & dad & their little line of ducklings had waddled off to the dam & we knew that they weren't coming back! We rang "WIRES" (animal rescue) ... and after a few weeks they released them onto our dam! Oh ... and Bree loves the little willy wagtails that flit around! Sorry ... just wanted to share my fav thing ... sitting on my front swing seat (on the verandah) with Bree ... watching all the birds! Hope this has brought a smile to your face today! Hugs xxx
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