The Soul

The room is open to peering eyes and it holds special elements that take time to uncover. Some days when it is bathed in the gray of rain the brighter colors unfold their secrets as they stand out against the dreary mist.
Other times the mellow hues of white and cream encase the room in comfort and care. Pure essence of milk and honey are felt in those colors.

But I especially like the days when the sun shines brightly and casts rainbows off the crystal and glassware. For it is on those days the magic appears on the walls and floor.

The pantry is my favorite room in my home. It may be because it is a rare room and not common in all homes today, or it may be because it holds the special things in my collection of life's goodies.

It is where I hold the treasures that tell the story of my soul, with teacups from grandmothers and great grandmothers, and trinkets of porcelain from my mother in law and mother and the glassware from antique stores that hold the toasts from happy times and the medicines to cure. Memories have been imprinted on the contents here and illuminate the room in secrets from souls departed.

Just like our heart.
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1 comment:

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Obviously a special place in your heart! I guess it is the memories ... rather than the actual "pantry"! I have been decluttering my home ... but ... there are some things that you just can't part with ... aren't there! Hugs xxx