Sitting at a wooden desk hands folded on top I see the room is bathed in yellow lighting that seems brighter than usual because of the misty skies outside the windows and I am aware of my stomach. Moist air surrounds the room and the desks are sticky. My shoes swing over the hardwood floors in anticipation of the day ahead. "Good morning class says my teacher" and the day begins.

I still feel the uncomfortable flutter in my stomach today when I recall that setting. A feelign I had each and every morning before school. Why do you think that is? What thoughts conjure up such a feeling? I thought it was the fear of leaving my home for the day. Then I thought it was the unknown territory the day would venture into. But now I am not so sure. I sit at my desk today in my home, with a plan on the horizon and still feel that same sentsation each day before I begin.

Does it ready a soul for future encounters?

What inert sense holds the key for that? Just thinking. Good Morning Everyone!
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Well ... perhaps it was the lack of confidence for the tasks ahead for that day? or ... perhaps it was the excitement of a new challenge? or perhaps it was some nervous butterflies anticipating seeing that 'first love'??? (smile) Hugs xxx