Summer in Winter

Here Comes The Sun du du du du ....doesn't that song it just make you smile!

It feels like June today, it is an unexpected gift in the middle of March that shows you what the future will hold a few months from now. New plants are blooming earlier than they should even with a threat of bad days to come in a few weeks, yet they do so anyway living in the moment and dancing to the rhythm of what God had provided.

Life can be like that too!

Sometimes it would be better to live in the rhythm and feel the cold and the sun even if they come when they shouldn't. There is a plan and the unexpected sometimes reveals more beauty in the mundane when there is such a sharp contrast! I believe God knows what he is doing!

Enjoy every moment no matter how it is wrapped, for in the end you will see why it came the way it did and looking back through the darkness you will see there was always a light to guide you where you needed to be! Then you will dance, for you will know even if it is fleeting, that the experience was blessed!
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1 comment:

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Wow! Sometimes I read ... and all I can say is WOW! I guess I know what you are alluding to ... and I am sure you are right ... God definitely knows what he is doing! Hugs xxx