The Drying Yard

The sun shone brightly and danced in shadows across the white sails of Saturday laundry while my sister and I skipped along the concrete floor peeking out between the lattice walls of ivy of our secret garden room!

I wrote a book recently and in it I describe the childhood days of living next to and Arts and Crafts Bungalow Home complete with drying yard. It amused me when the conversation topic what brings you joy in my women's group came around to someone who described a scene from my book almost verbatim. I realized then what a simple pleasure hanging clothes out to dry on a clothes line is for most of us. The pure God given scent of fresh linen conjures up feelings of contentment and security and luxury. Most times it brings us back to when we were young.

So this spring morning I step outside of my routine and found a piece of rope to tie to a tree and hang my sheets on. I do not have the luxury of a drying yard but this will do for now.

Enjoy your simple day and think about your childhood dreams! Have they come true!
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

A book??? How did I not know that!!!??? Where can I buy it??? I love hanging the washing ... because we have such a lovely view! One day soon it will be covered with houses! (Sad face!) Hugs xxx