A Faded Photograph

These two pictures stare back at me when ever I sit at my desk.

They make me smile and they make me worry and they make me wonder and they make me cry. I look into those deep chocolate eyes and see PURITY, I look at the babe in white and see contentment and CURIOUSITY.

To me it is simple what I see. But I am in love. And love is blind.

Others, both children and adults see him as easy prey that they can ridicule, and banter, and discourage, and chastize, and aggrivate and yes even BULLY.

Which causes him to have low self esteem, and anger and depression, and saddness, and loss of interest, and overwhelming frustration, and HELPLESSNESS.

Illness and disabilities cannot always be seen with the naked eye. Please be tolerant, and loving, and caring, and NURTURING, and helpful, and patient with all human beings.

For this will allow all human beings to THRIVE and LOVE back even when they don't fit in with the views of the naked eye.

Sometimes it is better to be blind because then you can see with your heart.
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1 comment:

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Hi my friend!
Obviously something has happened to prompt this post ... and my heart aches for you! Please know that I am praying for you and the one who has such a special place in your heart! Nurturing is always better than ridicule. And ... it rubs off on others! I hope things settle down! Hugs xxx