Happy Easter

I wake up my dad from his sleepy rest and stand by his bedside so he can see me when he opens his eyes. My sister and I are already dressed for the day. I am a little scratchy at my waist and can feel the sharp edges along the seam where the crinoline attaches to the organza bodice. I am wearing a petticoat but the little pricks still find their way between the fibers of nylon. I tap my toe over and over on the hardwood floor looking down at my shiny new patent leather Mary Janes each time I hear the click, anxious for my dad to open his eyes.

Then he stretches and puts a smile on his face even before his eyes even open, and I can see his dimple and when he does open his dark brown eyes he is looking right at us. His face always shines in happiness in the morning and he is very handsome. He is my dad after all. "Oh my!" He would exclaim look at my girls! He would say it and I would twirl around to make my dress puff out and look as big as it could look. I loved burying my nose against the little puffed sleeves because there was a specific essence in the organza fabric that I miss now, but that I can still smell when I think of this robin egg blue dress.

I think of that day each and every Easter Morning. I thought of it as a young mother when I would dress my own toddlers for church and I would think of it the first year I had no one to dress, and the years now when I see my grandchildren all spruced up for the Easter Morning Brunch. How wonderful it is to hold a memory from half a century ago and relive it like it was yesterday every once and a while! Happy Easter everyone!
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

What a sweet memory! I miss my Dad ... and your post reminded me of this! Sadly ... my childhood memories are not so 'pretty'. But ... although he let us down many times ... I know he loved us dearly. It is not yet a year since he passed away ... and reading little moments like this make the tears gather. I wish his last days were happier. Those memories are ones I try to forget. But ... I am also glad to remember. I don't want to forget him! Hope you had a wonderful Easter with all your family around. Ours was quiet ... with the girls away. But we managed some lovely family time with those who were around! Hugs xxx