Watercolored Memories

I heard the rustling in the other room and wished for a few more moments of closed eyes but then it escalated into a cry and then another until I knew it was time. I gathered my wits and rose from the bed but kept my eyes closed as I left the room trying to steal just a moment more of deprived sleep. I felt my head swirl into a dream and yet my body instinctively moved forward until it too lost navigation. The sound was muffled and even the blunt contact of my nose on the floor was painless. I heard only the voice of my husband saying "honey are you okay?"

I shook my head and mumbled let me stay here and sleep.

I was reminded of that memory this morning when I read a story from a young mom who is learning the path of motherhood the second time around. She wrote about exhaustion and I was transported to my own memory of the night I fell fast asleep face first onto the floor while walkign to the nursery. I cannot rememeber a more intense tiredness than at that moment. Yet somehow we manage to muddle through on the fumes of life that keep us going until we can get recharged and when we look back it seems a little less intense!

The memory is kind and become watercolored to make all our painful moments delightful!
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Megan, creativemommyhood.com said...

I love this picture!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Thought I had left a comment ... but just taking a moment to do so ... just in case! I can't really claim this total exhaustion. Yes ... I had times ... but with 5 kids who slept so well ... I really can't complain. (Apart from the first few weeks for each!) Hugs xxx