Waking up on the Wrong Side of the bed

They took turns on the swing their father made that hung from the thickest limb of the apple tree in their backyard. Then when the waiting could not be endured for one more second the little one would beg to join her big sister on the swing. She climbed up and sat facing nose to nose legs intertwined and they began soaring together through the breezes of childhood.

Promises were conjured up and arguments quelled and they laughed and sang as their mother hung the clothes up to dry on the lines.

It was already a good morning and the day ahead had dreams to render.

The rhythm of life is at least entertaining.

Climbing into bed at the end of day is most often the same each night and yet waking to the rays of sun upon your face in the morning sets the stage for a brand new day filled with contentment or frustration for attitude gathered up in sleep has changed sometime during the night!

Some days your eyes open to the unsettled feeling of what could only be surmised as conflicts fought during the darkened hours of sleep. Hidden from the conscious world those conflicts filter into the waking hours surging ahead full steam splattering attitude in everything you try to accomplish. Then as daunting as they are you forge ahead creating a course under your own power and they finally evaporate. A fresh sense of well being comes over you for the plans you make are your desires and you wait confidently and harmoniously with anticipation to see if  time renders up the dream.

Night falls around you once more and you begin to soar with the breezes of all that was lived during this interval of time. Thoughts and promises and unrealized wishes are lulling you to rest until they intertwine with the subconscious and you float ahead through the darkened night to reveal a dream filled with either the harmony or discourse of the day. You hope the next dawning will bring with it laughter and singing.

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Nancy said...

This is quite lyrical and beautiful! Thanks for posting.

TL Boehm said...

what a beautiful post

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

I always wondered what it was that made you wake up with a gloomy feeling! Sometimes it is hard to shake ... But .... What a lovely memory to blow those blues away! Hugs xxx

Diana said...

You have a very nice blog here and I love your writing. I read some of your past posts. I really liked the one where you became a grandmother again! Just beautiful, all of it.
Love Di ♥