Early Season Thunder

The room never really lightened up as I read my emails and favorite blogs. It was the first day since 2011 that it actually felt a bit humid. It was still mid spring and the weather had not gotten exceptionally hot except for one day back in March. Still the heaviness of the atmosphere layed on my skin.

I was writing and then the words "Good Bye" echoed from my computer screen and the image was blue.

C R A C K.......the unexpected sound of thunder made my heart jump and for a split second my chest felt scared until I realized it was our first thunder storm of the season!

For the past 18 months I have felt we have had the most perfect text book seasons. I thought maybe they would end with summer coming and we would get a more non descript overly hot, or dry or wet seasons this year.  But with this little treat I think we may be in for a season of Thunder Storms....my favorite of all.

We were a little unprepared this morning with the sprinklers trying to out do the rain drops!
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

What a beautiful view ... and a glimpse into some of the simple things in life! Enjoy your thunderstorms! Hugs xxx