May 2nd

I awoke at 2:00 am and felt the familiar tug. It came unexpectedly and so I rose from my bed to put in a load of laundry. The day lay still now and all that remained of the secrets it held were tossed pillows on the floor and teddy bears under the coffee table. I took them all one by one and placed them back into their respective holding spots to wait for the dawn and sunlight.

I started the dishwahser and held to the counter for support as I was reminded again why I was up so early. The time passed and I ironed my husbands shirts and folded toddler clothes fresh from the dryer. I heard the herald of robins as they addressed the first glimmer of light at 4:30. The sun rose reddish pink in the spring sky and I could begin to see the branches on the dogwood tree dance in the breeze.

At 7:00 I called in with my report telling those who answered my call that I would be in at 9:00 but they insisted that I come earlier. So I woke my husband and he drove me there at 7:40. I waited and worried that the day would be a long one. I had been here before for a 26 hour ordeal and I had only been awake since 2:00. At 8:15 we were ready to go into the room. Then it was over.

I heard the lullabye play over the intercom announcing the arrival of a new baby. MY BABY! happy 33rd birthday son!
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

How sweet, Donna! And ... that quiet time you had before the birth was such a gift! Hugs xxx