It was in the heat of the day and dragon flies could be heard, their high pitched humming was the only sound that broke the silence of the breeze less quiet afternoon.

Hair stuck fast to her neck and wisps of bangs curled in the humidity ending in droplets of perspiration along the temples of her face. It was unbearable and laying down on the chenille cover on the bed was the only comfort she could find for relief. Patterns of the puff thread were pulled over and over as she lay there daydreaming. It was hard for her to resist pulling just one more thread and she hoped she would not get yelled at by her mother for doing it, but once started it continued to create a bigger pattern and bare spots grew larger to where it had been done before until she fell asleep. The windows were opened as far as they would go in hopes of letting in cool air but nothing stirred, only the continuous sound of the insects.

Looking back at that time when there were no air conditioners and hardly any fans I wonder how we survived it all, still smiling. It is hard to imagine going to a store these days that has no AC or going to a restaurant without AC unless you are at the shore where it is cooled by opening the windows, but that is what life was like then, and you had no doubts knowing it was summer!

It has been a long time since I recalled those times, but recall them I did today. We have not put in the window AC units this season because we are opting for a new system. One that is quieter and more efficient. But this week brought with it a heat wave and I have to say I have been suffering. I even slept in the den to get what ever breeze passed bye for a little relief last night. Today a contractor wiped his brow while working in my home and I saw droplets form on his forehead. My hair has become an array or twirls and frizz that only happens in humid conditions. The inconvenience and discomfort has been all worth it for I know there is relief tomorrow when I turn on the new AC, but for now it has been a reminder of a most pleasant memory and the wonderful, feel of summer!
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

We spent much of our childhood in tropical Queensland! Not only is it hot hot hot ... But the humidity is oppressive! Remember travelling in cars where we had to wind down the windows to feel cool ... But the wind was stifling & little pools gathered under our legs from the sweaty seats. But we did survive! Our kids ... However ... Would die! (grin) hugs xxx

Diana said...

Oh I do remember those hot, hot days growing up in Chicago with no A.C.!! Only fans. Mom and I would sit on the front porch long into the evening trying to stay cool.
We had a brand new central air unit put in the summer before last. What a wonderful thing a.c. is!!! The new units are very energy efficient and has really saved on our power bill. The next five days we are in a heat advisory, temps in the 100's all week. I hope your a.c. is up and running soon.
Thanks for the memories!!
Love Di ♥