The morning sunlight shone brightly heralding the beginning of a new day. It was the first day of summer vacation and everything looked brighter and smelled sweeter and felt exciting!
Snap Crackle Pop went the cereal,Then cold milk trickled off the spoon and down the back of my throat leaving pods of baked rice behind to chew! "You have chores to do before you go out to play" my mother said and I knew it was because the neighbors were still sleeping and she could not let  five children out to run a muck hollering through the wooded paths before 7:00 am.
Little hands grabbed dust cloths and bigger ones got the broom and bigger yet began to wash the dishes......summer was here and they could not wait for it to begin disrupting the routine.

Funny how routines become ingrained and then when you are grown and your own teaching of little ones is over you settle down with less routine and more adventure! I look at my hall from across my home and see it sparkle dust free and neat but after thirteen years of living here and reconstruction and remodeling I also see an unattended blemish! A lone doorway new from the redesign 13 years previous, sits patiently awaiting a coat of color to match the others around it. Sure we have had contractors in to see if they could match the color ever so perfectly, but I never felt confident enough for them to try. I know in my heart that once we decide to move that door frame will be painted in a jiffy but until then it waits for it's own summer vacation!
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Diana said...

I really felt this post. The summer chores. How the chores grow into lifelong habits. And we've been in our house for thirteen years too!
I'd go ahead and paint the door, although we've never repainted ours either!
See I told you I really felt this post!! Love Di ♥

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

If only my ONLY prob with the house was an unpainted door! After 8 years of waiting for a major development to happen (which would mean a bulldozed house & relocation for us) my house is looking so neglected and old. We have lived in limbo ... The victims of beaurocratic bungling & political footballs! We didn't dare spend money that would be wasted and now there is so much to do we can't afford it! And ... The limbo land continues! And so do our winter chills! Our winter holidays begin this weekend ... Hopefully our days will be sunny & welcoming! hugs xxx

Virginia S. Cox aka"Sam" said...

If I look at it correctly, that is the door to the craft room. Right? If that is the case, then I have NEVER noticed it in all the times I have gone to your lovely stamp area. Enjoy the summer. See you in August.

~Narita said...

I want that to be MY house, its lovely

Mushk Rizvi said...

wonderful blog!