Simple Black and White

Shhhhhhhhh....her head would say as not to make a peep for if she was quiet she could listen in the shadow of the stairwell to what was being said. Words and phases came in jargoned lyrical poems for she was too young to understand the meaning of what was being uttered. But as she listened she learned the cadence and began to layer her own thoughts to create her cerebral being.

I have been doing some work of late on that very subject matter and in the beginning have learned about distorted thinking. One form of distorted thinking is seeing the world as Black and White held in check by parameters. Sometimes I surmise that one may think without faultering into other colors because of their up bringing or experiences that have led them to that conclusion. For me I think it may be just a "part" of how I think. For in my own world of creativity whether it be here in writing or on my other blog where I am more artistic with the medium of paper and ink I think in color and rainbows and frills and all sorts of magic.

When I am away from creating and I think in black and white it is more like thinking in gray, sort of like this picture where the hues and tones of the subject are illuminated and shadowed by the light or lack of light surrounding it.

In my mind and in my heart I think in black and white to protect myself from TROLLS and DRAGONS!
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Diana said...

It's sort of funny. I think of myself that way. It's almost as if the creativity sparks the colors of the imagination?! Very insightful I say!
Love Di ♥

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

So when you think in black and white to protect yourself ... Is it related to other posts you have share here? I don't think I will ever learn to read between the lines here, Donna! I do wonder sometimes though! Perhaps I am better at it than I realise? Hugs xxx
PS my upbringing was pretty black & white too! Xx

Diana said...

I left a comment here the other day, I guess it didn't take! Anyway I agree with you in the whole black and white way of thinking. I know several people that think that way and I do believe it can be from upbringing and also just plain stubbornness!
But then again, being a colorful person doesn't always mean part of our thoughts aren't black and white!!
Oh Jeez, I think my last comment was much better!!
Love Di ♥