She felt her stomach rise in her throat and got on the floor of the 1940 something car waiting for her Great Aunt to announce "ok we are over it!" once they had crossed the Sagamore Bridge over the Cape Cod Canal she could get up off the floor and climb back into her seat because her fear of heights was now gone....

The battle between excitement and apprehension loomed in her chest. She was anxious to get to the seaside cottage, bare to the bones with one electrical socket, a light that hung from the ceiling and a match stick door that concealed the toilet from the kitchen table. They would be taking showers outside and they would wash their hands in the kitchen sink but at least they didn't have to use the outhouse.

The double sided toaster that flipped open to reveal the caramel colored bread sat on the morning table that was flanked by two chairs and sat close to the window, where gingham checked curtains blew from the screen less open window and she could smell the blend of coffee and salt air. It was July and she and her sister were on their first summer vacation. Only 4 and 6 they had never been away from home. That is why the battle ensued. She was scared to be so far away and in a strange place with older aunts. (Probably in their 40's) but that was ancient to a 4 and 6 year old and she kind of felt like a reproduction of Gretel!

That feeling has been ingrained in me ever since. My sister and I only spent the night in the cottage that vacation because we both got home sick and my poor great aunts had to drive the hour and a half back home the next morning delivering these little chicks back to their mother in their familiar nest.

I will be leaving for Utah in a  few short days and I can already feel the apprehension begin to build inside. I am old enough to know now that it will only last a short time before I am in the thralls of vacation and I will forget all about being home sick! I can't wait for my newest adventure and I know I will not return home early but I still can't help feeling the same way I did when I was 6!

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Diana said...

It's funny how certain memories and even scents can spark a strange or even unpleasant memory.
But as you said you are old enough to know that it won't last long. I hope you have a great trip, good enough to make you forget the old ones!! At least for a time. Love Di ♥

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

I wish I could recall memories of childhood the way that you are able. Sometimes I wonder why I have so few!? Hugs xxx