ALONE in simple praise to the creator

Alone, she waited for someone to come into chat with her and when they did not she immediately reverted to sick thinking that she was abandoned. At noon she changed her shirt and looked in the mirror before leaving the house, she was taken a back at the image reflected in the mirror and then she remembered she had carefully applied new make up this morning and for the first time since 2004 she had added mascara to her lashes. The dewy complexion that reflected was bright and not what she was used to. She didn't look ashen but instead she looked fresh and pretty. She actually allowed herself to think the word "pretty".

She drove to the diner and ordered a tuna melt sans bread as she continued her quest to loose weight. Already down 20 pounds she wanted to loose 20 more. After paying the bill she felt her stomach knot up and she felt the dissatisfaction with how the day had turned on her. She had been feeling quite happy and her step had quickened as of late but today it was once again heavy,  she tried to rationalized it as being temporary. She wanted a fix but knew she could not without the consequences that would eventually trap her into a free fall. So she mustered up the strength to remain busy.

Instead of going straight home she took a detour that would hopefully find her in a serene place with nature's quiet and replenishment surrounding her. The corn stalks along the road and the neat rows of hay in the fields were not enough to quench her heart. She slowed her pace along the country roads as she came up behind a student driver and she remembered her own events of her summer driver's ed lessons years ago and rested in that time until the student's car turned off the road.

The scenery offered no easing of the emptiness and she drove home. When she walked up the stones to the back door she was captured by the light yellow that stood alone hidden in a corner of  her garden. The summer drought had taken it's toll on the flower beds and they were all brown and dried, mimicking how she has felt these past months. The spring colors had given way to the bright hues of Day Lillie's and they too had faded and curled to make way for the asters and chrysanthemums to come, but for today the lone yellow rose stood by itself  amongst the decay in pure perfection.

She looked at it and thought to herself this is, beautiful, simple and elegant and she grabbed her camera to capture all of it.

One tear is all that needs to be shed like the rain drop on the petal, and then the rest of the day can be hers to stand in perfect dewy glory all alone. For God sees His creations, the rose and her, perfect and unblemished.
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Diana said...

As I read this post, I couldn't help but feel as if you were talking about me. This is exactly how I have felt lately. You describe it so beautifully that it doesn't sound as bad as it feels! I love reading your posts. Love Di ♥

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Such a moving post, Donna! What a beautiful rose. Sometimes it takes the sweet little things of life to remind us of the blessings! Hugs my friend! Xxx