Tech vs Nature

Catching a glimpse of something moving on the floor of the garage she screamed and ran up the stairs to the second floor. Her heart was beating fast and she got on her knees and held her hands up in prayer and yelled to her mother that there was a scary thing that looks like this, (emphasizing her contortion),  in our garage.

I was five when that occurred and I have never forgotten that story after all of these years.

Sometimes surprises well up for days inside your being and you don't even realize the transformation has begun until a note is struck in a song on your car radio, or a shadow casts itself across your windshield sparkling enough for you to take notice, or a slight sound beckons you to turn your head.

I am blessed to have those experiences today!

I have had a full morning already and it is only 9:25.  But now I have a minute to take the time to hear the notes of Rascal Flatts coming from the speakers on my computer, and the sun shines golden on the last bit of summer, and I am blessed to have heard the tiny pat of..........hold on a second that's for later!

6:30 I brushed my teeth and got ready for my 7:00 appointment

7:00 I was greeted with pleasant smiles and warm welcome in the local car dealership

7:30 I was already playing Words with Friends and checking emails on my NEW iPod

8:00 I looked up from my iPod and noticing the bustling of service attendants and chairs filling up in the amenity filled waiting room with new customers....the tv keeps us entertained, and I have texted lots of friends who are up and busy with their day too!

8:45 I hear the gentleman beside me on his lap top, and look to see him reading medical reports, as he checks in with a young patient on the previous day's procedure

9:00 car is ready! Under promise (Amanda this is for you) and over deliver gotta love it!

Perfect day! Uninterrupted thanks to technology!

Oh I almost forgot to tell you I had a passenger with me this morning.......wish I had a camera because he was very brave.......

......... okay so I took the audio signal of a faint  sound coming from my passenger side window and turned my head in that direction to witness a praying mantis hanging on for dear life as he took a ride with me. All I could think of was the Twilight Zone plane scene and that day when I was five!!!  I haven't seen a praying mantis in years what a pleasant surprise....I am glad I took the opportunity to appreciate what is around me even when I am hooked into technology! I am having fun and my heart is light like lemon chiffon! ENJOY your day!
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Diana said...

Funny, I always feel bad when a bug catches a ride from me. Like I'm taking it away from it's family! Is that not crazy or what?!
Love Di ♥

Amanda said...

Whenever I see that there is a new Backyard Door post, I make myself a "fresh" cup of coffee, and escape to my craft studio to read it in solitude. As funny as they often are, I usually find a lesson,as if you are writing only for me... a true gift. Today's reminder: "I am... Present". P.S.... thanks for the shout-out! Love you!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Oh ... That reminds me of a time ... When we were travelling home from holidays & a fly had been stuck in the car for miles. My eldest daughter ... Who was about 8 at the time asked "do flies have homes?" Her sensitive dad replied "oh, Stacey ... Are you worried it is missing its family? Perhaps you should just put it out of its misery now!" he thought it was hilarious ... Stace was not amused! Thanks for sharing a trivial but truly fun story! Hugs xxx

Shelia said...

Neat, but like they have said in previous post I worry about them when they catch a ride. Another little snippet, I dislike Mantis. They are in the same dislike category as spiders. Loved the post today. Donna, check my FB post today to see what a wonderful surprise I received this a.m.