You can't teach an Old Dog new tricks!

The school bell rang and we took our seats in quiet. As we settled in, we personally assessed what the new school year would be like and we tried to figure out the personality of our newest teacher.  She stood tall and stoic at the front of the class as she welcomed us to our classroom and began to hand out those familiar, warm, purplish blue, aromatic mimeographed copies of paper.

(I changed the word from xerox to mimeograph for my handsome cousin below.  He proofreads my blog in order to save me some embarrassement! Thanks 'cuz!)

 We took the papers freshly printed with the rules and expectations for our new classroom in hand.
We all instinctively brought the paper up to our face as we passed the rest of the copies behind us. It was heaven and we all, yes ALL loved to smell it!
Well those days are long gone and those nice smelling copies have been replaced with Ink Jet copies of pristine black and white that no longer sport the gradient edges of color and toxic aroma!

My own printer is not as personal to me as those old copies were and it does not speak to me in the same endearing way, but it does speak in demanding queues of unending thirst. It seems to drink ink faster than I drink coffee!
Yesterday as I was completing a job I was doing and I ran out of black ink. Luckily for me I was able to finish it in the beautiful colors of Night of Navy and Melon Mambo, but I knew I would have to get more black ink today before working on any other projects.
Early this morning I drove to CVS to pick up a prescription. As I entered the store I remembered to scan my Extra Care tag as my daughter has instructed me to do EACH and EVERY time I visit there. I can't even think of why because I NEVER get a coupon for anything I need! Reluctantly, or maybe because it is now a habit, I scan my card. A tongue of coupons comes out from beneath the scanner and I search for SOMETHING I might NEED! Hair coloring, notepads, vitamins, INK!!!! INK!!!! Did I just read INK!!!! To my amazement I realize I can finally USE a coupon. So I hurry over to the ink department and grab number 92, after all I have a new printer and even though the old numbers 74 and 75 are embedded in my mind but I know I now use 92! Beyond belief it is even on sale from $22 to $14 and I now have a $5 off coupon too! Lucky day, lucky day! I am ecstatic that I made a coupon purchase without help from my daughter and it was a profitable one!
I picked up a coffee to celebrate and went home to install my new ink cartridge. The packaging was extra difficult to open and not like the familiar ones I buy at Staples. As I ripped it open jaggedly with a pair of scissors I thought to myself well it is good I do not need to return this, and I  took the clean cartridge in my hand to place into the printer. I opened the lid of the machine and the whirring  and clicking sound of the carriage rolled the used ink cartridges to the right. As the used cartridges passed my eyes I saw them.....the numbers 74 and 75!
ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I now use 74 and 75? 

I hate couponing because as I said they never have anything I NEED or USE.........have a good day, I just wasted $9 anyone need  black number 92?
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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Oh Donna! Thanks for my giggle for today ... And for the wonderful reminder of those xerox copies! Waftimg of methylated spirits! Hugs xxx

Diana said...

That is so funny, sad but funny!! I can relate. And I rarely find coupons that I can use either!
I too remember the smell of the old copies. Thanks for the laugh and the memories! Love Di ♥

SherryBee said...

Ha! I can totally relate to this! I hate having so many NUMBERS in our heads these days!
Sniffing the mimeographed papers! LOL
I REALLY laughed when I read that! I SO ENJOYED the SU Convention speaker, Jason Dorsey!!! When he talked about this same thing, I was as guilty as can be! But, what's wrong with a little paper sniffing? Maybe that's why we can't remember all these silly numbers now?!?!

Have a great weekend!
SherryBee in AZ