My Brothers Birthday

Her eyes were still sleepy and she opened them to feel the sun on her face as she stretched her arms up above her head. It felt cool and crisp under the newly washed sheets but the warm glow of sunshine in the room made her still think of summer.

She saw the little body of her sister laying still and quiet under the covers of her own matching bed and then she heard footsteps walking up the hallway. She turned towards the door expecting to see her mom but instead there stood a man. She recognized him as Donnie. Donnie Hannaford who lived  downstairs in the two family turn of the century "four square". Before she could ask he said, "your mom went to the hospital last night to have your baby. You have a new brother!"

Immediately she felt her stomach turn and she thought she would be sick. She was excited to have a new baby brother but she missed her mom and it felt lonesome not having her in the house that morning.

The week ahead was unpredictable for her and she could sense her face from within her head, almost like she was having an out of body experience, it was looking sad and she hated the feeling her stomach had too. Each evening her dad would come for supper after work to check in on her and her sister before he went to the hospital, but the visit didn't take away those uncomfortable feelings. Even now 55 years later she feels that uncomfortable sensation in her stomach as she lay in bed, with the first chill of fall lapping on her face and shoulders making her shiver. She pulls the sheets up under her chin and she thinks about when she was four years old,  that morning long ago that imprinted how life would feel each time she felt abandoned in her sun drenched golden hued life.~Happy Birthday Brother
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Diana said...

Again your writing is just wonderful. I had a bad feeling about the downstairs neighbor. I hope I was wrong. Love Di ♥

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Such a sad memory for such a happy event ... But that is what we do to ourselves ... Don't we! I bet it was all forgotten (well almost) when that dear little baby & mum came home! Hugs xxx