Ebb and Flow

When the tide comes in there is a point in which it is neither moving forward nor retreating backward. Just before the rhythm catches it up and moves it in the opposite direction, it lingers in a limbo of sorts. The peace of that limbo is exhilarating!

Then, as it commences to move forward, the flow rushes in once more lapping at the shoreline right where the seaweed had grabbed onto the sand. It was a last effort for the debris to remain there instead of being brought back out into the sea, but this time it will succumb to a stronger cycle and disappear. The tide covers over all that was beneath and it is forever changed.

Always moving, the waves roll forward and just before they reach the place where they will once again turn, they halt the surge for one last retreat before they surge ahead and crash into the boundaries taking back one more inch that was not taken the day before. The cycle begins again changing  the shore line and taking more and more until it will one day be gone. Then the sea will have its victory and revenge on all which bound it!
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Diana said...

I never thought of the tides that way. Lets hope the sea doesn't take it's revenge until we're gone!
Very nicely written!
Love Di ♥

Amanda said...

It really is, in addition to that melodic rhythm of the incoming tide, that moment, just that pause, between the ebb and the flow, that is the true peace of the shore. Just as it is with life. Thank you for capturing that!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Beautiful, Donna! Can smell the sea spray & hear the rush of the waves just by reading your wonderful description. Hugs xxx