Little Things That Make Me Smile

Usually when I begin a story I try to remember an incident from my days as a child that reflects the same feelings I have today as an adult. Today as I sat in front of my keyboard I tried to remember what I felt like as a child when a small thing turned out better than I had expected and could not grasp a memory. So I am going to skip that part and delve right into the simple excitement from yesterday that made me smile when I realized WOW this is better than I expected!

All during my growing up years and especially my married years I have enjoyed and RELISHED in design and decorating. I began just by arranging and rearranging furniture in my home over and over to the point my husband always was nervous walking around the house at night for fear he would stumble on a piece of furniture that was not there the day before.

That luxury finally erupted even more when we bought homes, refurbished, renovated and restored them only to sell them a few months later and buy again! I loved it and got great satisfaction when things went better than right and great frustration when they did not.

It has been many years since I have engaged in that transformation mainly because I am in a home that I love and it is just how I want it to be....well almost. Now, instead of renovating and restoring it is all about maintaining. Things wear out and need fixing and that is where our money is being spent. Pretty much when we fix the things that need fixing they look just like they did before we fix them. So not too much excitement there. BUT YESTERDAY that all changed and I felt the blood tingle and rush to my brain in excitement when the brand new garage doors were lowered for their debut and I actually squealed when I saw them for the first time. There they were standing tall and proud and AWESOME. They finally were the cherry that was on top of the sundae and they matched so perfectly the house we had restored six years earlier. I was more than happy and I love them.

Ahhhhhhh, that feeling. I missed it but how sweet to have it once again. Oh, I looked at those doors one hundred times yesterday and it was the first thing I checked on when I got up this morning too! Then I remembered my mom's words form 1977 when she said to my husband. "You need to buy her a doll house or she is going to run you into the poor house."  Oh, Oh has my blood begun to boil once more! I think I will begin with a gallon of paint and some strap hinges! WINK!
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Diana said...

I understand completely! I love our old house but as you said, it needs maintaining! Which can be costly and every time we get to do something new I feel like you with the garage door!! As a matter of fact we don't even have garage doors on our garage. That's the way it was when we bought the house so I CAN imagine your excitement!!!!!
Love Di ♥