We learn life's lessons through experience. Beginning with falls when we are toddlers, to scrapped knees and then more, we are always learning. The lesson of a mosquito bite too leads to experience, for it is there all of a sudden pressing to be scratched. The nails on skin eagerly searching for just the right spot to relieve the sensations of nerve endings beneath the outer layer of skin. The next time the insect secretly feasts upon your arm you are prepared for the sensations, that is until you come to the realization the sensation is much more intense and cannot be quelled without the help of medicine Then you realize through experience that it does not feel like past bites and it is different, it is different because it is poison ivy and that is not quite the same as a mosquito bite now is it....

...... November of 2011 was no different than any other month of the years that had proceeded it until that familiar itch came from out of the blue. An itch unheralded ...just there. Familiar but unnerving none the less. When she tried the simple remedies from past experiences they worked. The itch of a daydream was fleeting and life went on. December brought with it a second bite this time less annoying, and it only lasted a short time, it was an anniversary of sorts. The date comes around each and every year, catching a momentary acknowledgement from her of a time long ago, but it demanded nothing more significant than a fleeting thought, because it had become just a spot in time that had reminded her of something old and unremarkable.  When winter set in 2012, the mosquito's of life had gone to sleep. Time kept pace and days rolled into nights, and then weeks, and months, until February. February brought with it snow and cold and bright sunshiny days, and a severe case of poison ivy. Out of season and unexpected, it raged with fury. Every emotion welled up against it's poison and the medicine couldn't quell it, not even for awhile......she was about to embark on a new experience filled with wonder and excitement and life,  contrasting with betrayal and confusion,  sorrow and regret. She could not know on that winter's day that eight months later she would learn the lesson she never quite got 40 years before. (to be continued)

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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

How did I miss this one? Kinda ties things together! Hope you feel some measure of peace & happiness with your life now! Hugs xxx

Diana said...

O.K. I'm getting ready to read part three next, very interesting!!
Love Di ♥