The Trilogy

She had been contemplative for the past few days because of the season that marked a moment in her life that had been hidden for years. A secret in her heart. She rode in the car traversing through traffic and hadn't realized she was softly sobbing.

It was a sound that was almost unrecognizable and the almost silent sobbing had gone on for several seconds before she became aware of it. Lost in her memories she was reawakened to what was around her,  that is when she became even sadder for she felt utterly alone.

The golden sun of the day beckoned her to remember every detail but she could not. That year was long gone and she could not remember it all, she could only feel the memory. She recounted the routines in her 1973 schedule and it left her to believe that she would probably have been at work. Lunch to be exact. Looking perfectly normal to those around her on the outside. Efficiently performing her responsibilities she would quietly and solitarily wait, and as the hours passed she waited, and waited still.

The next two days would seem endless for her, or would they? For the end would come all too soon, filled with fear, and regret and most of all uncertainty. She would leave one part of her life and enter a new part. Forever changed. It WAS the UNCERTAINTY after all...... for how could she have known when the time or the circumstances would culminate in the haunting of her soul. She couldn't imagine it for it was a year that was so far in the future from 1973. 2012 was far removed from what was happening then, and a journey in a life that was filled with many twists and turns still needed to be traveled to that place in a space of time that was now!

 How peculiar she thought.  Hadn't she always moved ahead from that day, the details buried deep,  and sometimes forgotten. No big deal. She was 19 and life was waiting ahead of her, and she thought she was tougher, but the odds were against her. She was one in millions and the odds were undeniable. Those odds may not have caught up with her right away, but they always catch up now don't way or the other. (to be continued)
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Diana said...

Well as usual your writing is great and this piece most definitely has my curiosity going! I'll be waiting for more and wondering, Fiction or non-fiction? Love Di ♥

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

I found myself frowning as I read this one. A little more cryptic than usual? I love feeling the emotion ... But sometimes I am left with more questions than answers after I have finished reading. Hugs xxx