Did you know November is the grayest month of the season in the hemisphere in which I live? I read that little tidbit of info somewhere long ago,  probably in the Farmers Almanac to use on such an occassion as this. Well, then it should not have surprised me when I awoke this morning to see the fog across the golf course when I had expected sunshine! The unusual warmth of the morning  brought with it clouds, but I had overlooked the phenomenon there would be no sun to accompany the mild temperatures.
Almost all of the leaves have fallen here in New England, and they are littered across the still lush green lawns waiting for the last cleanup of the season.
As I stand at my sink and watch the squirrels scamper across the yard picking up the 'helicopter' seed pods from this years maple trees, I think to myslef how wonderful the cycle of nature is. It is the squirrels that forage through the leaves to find each pod to harvest for their winter stash. Those that are overlooked grow in the most obscure spots to be plucked out when it comes time to weed in the springtime. I simultaneously think of how I wanted to get a few " have a heart traps" to relocate the many squirrels that reside here only to realize that if I had done that, it would be I in the springtime plucking thousands of sprouts from unharvested seeds. Thank you Lord for letting me see just how important these little guys are. I'll let them stay. They make my life easier!
It was then that I turned to empty a receptacle in my pantry and I was met with a brilliant fireryglow of red. The last tree to drop it's leaves belongs to my neighbor next door. We always have to wait until after Thanksgiving to rake because it is so stubborn to drop. However like the squirrels it to does a job. On the gloomiest days of November it shines in radiant glory to cast an illumination in an otherwise sunles gray room! Again thank you God for the little nuances of the seasons that make me smile when I take a moment to notice!
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Alyson (New England Living) said...

That is beautiful! Loved the lesson on the cycle of nature. Isn't it amazing?! I actually love November. Though most of the leaves have fallen, the lawns are still bright green, and you start to notice winter berries make an appearance. I also love the feeling in November of anticipating the first real snow. I can't wait!

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Our seasons here on the south coast of New South Wales (AUS) are not so distinct as yours. We have to drive up to the highlands to see the beautiful autumn colours! We have a couple of trees that lose their leaves ... But hardly show any new colour before they drop. I envy your view of your neighbours tree! But am happy that it puts some colour in a gloomy day. I can't complain about the view I have from our house ... The escarpment behind ... The rolling green hills around ... And over to the blue lake! God is truly so amazing! Hugs xxx