Disorderly Calm

I felt a tear run down my face after I had succumbed to the pain in my chest. It was at the very same moment when I let go and I realized there was nothing I could do to make the situation better.  I clasped my cheeks in my hand and looked up at my calendar. A simple black and ivory sketch of  five lobster pots sitting against a weather worn shingled shack with a conglomeration of buoys hanging from rusted nails along it's facade caught my attention. I sighed and became distraught when I realized not every lobster pot had horizontal slats. Some of the pots had verticalal slats and it made me crazy.

I sat for a moment thinking of why that was so. I couldn't find the answer except that to know it was not important. The artist saw fit to make it such. It became my answer in my quietness and I realized that even as a mother I cannot fix everything. Sometimes other factors that I have no control over, create an upset. I have no business in trying to fix it and it is not important that I do. What is important is that my children learn for themselves the hard lessons in life that I cannot fix and clean their own house, and that I learn to let go of the not so neat situations and stop trying to place them all in a satin lined box where everything is safe and perfect! Sometimes rusty nails cause pain, and sometimes all the slats are not facing the same way....but in the end the ivory and black that create a story compliment one another to blend into a lovely sketch. Even if you get a splinter or two along the way trying to straighten it all out.
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Lisa said...

SO SO happy you are back!!!!

Shelia said...

so glad you are back. That was also a lesson I need to learn. Love you my friend.

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Have missed you! And ... totally relate to your message today. I know in my head AND my heart I need to leave things in God's hands (after all He does know best) ... but I find as a mum ... it is really hard to stand back and watch them get hurt! But ... you are sooooo right! Thanks Donna! Hugs xxx