Lonesome Highway

The television light peeked through the crack in my door, and I could hear the muttering of words and music as I tossed and turned in my bed. Nothing was comfortable. The covers did not comfort me but challenged my legs instead, and tangled them up as I moved restlessly about trying to find the spot that would lull me to sleep. I would scrunch my pillow and make a nest in the corner against the wall and finally somehow without me even knowing I would be asleep until the break of day.

I distinctly remember having some rare but difficult times trying to fall asleep when I was a child of sevenish. Maybe it was because I feared my parents would die, or maybe I had a test in school or maybe it was because my parents bickered during dinner time, no matter the reason it was always unsettling because it was out of the ordinary.

I thought of that as I drove through the quiet towns this particular night. Never crossing the path of another vehicle, left with the woeful lyrics of a country song playing in my head I traversed from town to town in a big box pattern listening to my thoughts. I was tired but could not sleep so I got out of my tangled bed and dressed and went for a ride. I watched as the clock ticked away from 2:15 to 3:30 and then 4:00. I peered into the homes that had a single soft glow above the kitchen sink, and wondered if the occupant had fallen asleep with the tv on when a lonely blue haze cast it's light from the windows dotting an otherwise black surrounding, or were they struggling with the after midnight hours tonight too.

I drove by the homes I lived in, and the homes my peeps live in now, and the cemeteries, and ponds, and eateries all dark and eerie. Then, I felt quiet. My mind was not running and my thoughts had stilled themselves. Before I knew it I did not feel the tangle mess of the day and I was ready to drift off to sleep. I turned onto my street and quietly returned to my home, shut off the lights, climbed the stairs, pulled up the covers just as the birds began to chirp first one, then two and then.......and then ........, and I dreamed.
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