The earth has turned around and faces the sun in a different perspective now, creating a new season. I notice it is dark today when I rise. Most winter mornings I linger in my bed for an extra 15 minutes, for my head does not comprehend the time, and darkness prevails by tricking my mind into thinking it is still all about sleep. Often I give in, close my eyes and wait until the sun rises just over the tree tops, or maybe I will catch the hue of the slightest blue peeking in through the edge of the shade that doesn't quite fit tightly against the window frame. But all good things come to an end and before I know it I have thrown back the comforter to start my day.

Today the darkness left no shadows, and the moon had set creating an abyss of light~lessness that almost hurt my eyes as they strained to see anything. For some reason my head was clear and I was done with rest. So I rose and began my day earlier than usual. Everything was easy and the quiet was welcoming. I could center my thoughts as I went through my routine. Finally, descending the stairs creaking beneath my bare feet, I flipped on the lamp beside my desk to read my messages that came in over night. Amongst the spam I find treasures from those who have sent me love notes while I slept. Some question something I have said or made, some are just sending a quick hello from across the country, or  maybe someone sends a note recapping the appointment they took my dad to on the day before.

Then, when I am done I sit quietly.

A thought comes into my head...."Life is like a box of chocolates", such a fabulous quote that is. I stare at the box of candy above and can easily see just how different each one is. A couple are similar except for a minor elimination of design or texture. They are much like our days, similar with insignificant changes to make them unique! Some of those days are as smooth as the silkiest chocolate with a poignant dash of color to make you pause and wonder why, and others are just like that special one of a kind chocolate heart that you treasure because you know there are few of them in comparisson to the rest. Each day is like those chocolates, you can see and feel each in a slightly different way, and picking the day you intend isn't always what you get, you can't quite tell what is on the inside until you taste it, but it will be filled with surprises! Some good, some plain and ordinary, some not so great, but filled none the less. Then, once in a while you  will have an experience that is special, the kind of day that comes deep from within your heart and just like the heart shaped candy it makes you smile.

........ and you wish that all your chocolates tasted like that!

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