Dry.....when all the tears have been cried and the words spoken the heart is dry. Like a desert it has ceased to flourish. The wind blows and transforms the landscape into ripples of itself  day after day, leaving behind hidden tracks. Changing over and over again, but still remaining the same in contour, and if you look carefully you can see that it has some sort of grace upon the landscape that transcends what is physical.

Mourning does that. Whether the loss of a love one is physical or mental, the pain is such that it leaves ripples even if covered over in smiles, steadily ticking of life minute by minute.  The hidden tracks are known only to the layer beneath the wind blown sands, and they remain constant there.

But, when you look carefully you can see the grace shine forth in the living! It comes to sooth the dry and replace it with supple elegance. Life is renewed in the freshness of grace. The glow emerges, and radiance blinds the desert like a hot orange sun rising over the resumes.

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Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

So so true, Donna! Keep those eyes of yours on your grandkids ... and you will see the joy in life ... even in the midst of tears! Hugs xxx