After the Storm

Music played in the background as she worked on bills, and without notice she found herself getting lost in the memories contained in the scraps of paper and photographs that she tried to file away in the appropriate folders. At first she pushed away the desire to drown in those memories in order to get her work done, because it was nearly time to pick up nugget from school.

It was useless, because the words in the songs that she could hear behind her, began to draw her into a place of nostalgia! She drifted from one thought to the next, and let herself sink into those "other" times. The memories always felt sweet and soft and comforting,  and it had been a year or so since she had been there last.

Just like all the other times, when life brought her to this place unannounced and unexpected, she began the trip with a smile. Then, she felt her heart begin to beat just a little faster, and her hands moved slowly and deliberately to uncover the next piece that would unravel her thoughts, eventually leading her  in a new direction that would always end to finish a perfect puzzle.

 The journey switched, in the middle of a second  to the computer screen, and there she methodically checked out her favorite blogs. She took a minute to drop a line of thanks to her special cyber friend from 2008. Finally, continuing to peruse documents of novels half written, she stopped to reread them, even taking time to edit a few lines and then leaving them too, to remain unfinished. Moving next through photographs, she felt a tug to go back to the blogs and as she glanced at a list of titles that stood quietly in her "favorite places", she saw one that had not been opened in a very long time......then she knew.

It was time to go back and open the door. The Backyard Door!

I think I am returning from the dark side! I can see the sun shining just beyond the cloud! More Stories?

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Creative Monkey Designs said...

I missed your writing.........Doreen

Linda said...

you have such a gift - thank you for opening the door, to share the Son shine

Andrea L said...

So excited to see you back here! I had goosebumps reading this!!!! Welcome home, Donna! Xxxxx

Lisa said...

SO exciting!!!!

Shelia said...

Love this so much I had to come back and read again today