Stepping out of the door and onto the porch she expected a chill but was pleasantly surprised when she felt the humidity, and even at 6:00 a.m she knew it would be another mild fall day. It was still dark, but the purple horizon sent a message for a beautiful sunrise to come. She started the car and was on her way to the train station.

Each day begins anew and it is solely up to us to determine what kind of day it will be. Sometimes we are in the rush of routine and never get to appreciate each and every moment of that routine. Once and a while when we are not looking, something happens to make us STOP and FEEL what life is all about!  

Returning home she placed the cup of hot coffee and keys on the counter beside the stack of papers that had not been put away the day before. She contemplated the free day that lay ahea d and decided in a second that she would do something productive. She   had already made a point not to check her tablet for it sapped so much energy and wasted so much time. The sun had risen by now and a golden hue filtered trough the curtains and made the entire house glow in warmth. Dishes still sat in the drainer from last night's dinner and as she dried them with the white and red striped linen cloth, she thought about re organizing the closet that still had no door on it. It was in plain sight for all to see and so if it was neat and orderly she could at least live with the fact that the door still needed to be ordered.

Her fingers felt the smooth nob on her new kitchen cabinets, when she flipped the loop of the towel over it to dry, as she began walking to the closet. The four small plastic tackle boxes filled with odds and ends like screws, and nails and thumb tacks and picture hangers were on a shelf in disarray, and as she moved one box in order to to stack the next, a third one fell and broke open. It  caused an eruption and hundreds of tiny tidbits scattered instantaneously across the  entire floor as she muttered,  "REALLY?"

Right then she did something she had never done before, she let her hands fall to her side with a slap on her thighs, and she began to laugh. Getting on her knees, which was no longer an easy nor comfortable position to take, she began to sort the nails from the tacks, and the screws from the safety pins, and she thought to herself safety pins? How do these items even go together?  Sifting through the hundreds of pieces that fell, her mind drifted to one of her grand-daughter's school papers she had seen the day before. It had rows of lions and dinosaurs on it.  The assignment was to pick out the ones that were different from the rest. She chuckled to herself remembering an assignment just like that, one that she had done herself in first grade, and she heard herself say out loud 

I guess that is why we learned that lesson, for days like this! 

When her task was done, she finished organizing the closet and then went  to the next room where she would store some misplaced games in a chest. As she lifted the chest's lid a book fell to the floor. Grabbing for the book that had been hidden in plain site, she held it in her hand as she remembered that just yesterday she  had contemplated throwing it out because she knew the secrets it held.

That is when she felt her throat start to close up and tears well in her eyes.  She left the chest open and taking the book along with her, she sat down at the kitchen table. Opening it she read the first entry, it was straightforward and she thought to herself, maybe I will keep it a little longer and see what happens as I continue  to write in it. She picked up the pen and began with the date.  Taking a deep breath she began to write....

Sometimes when you are unaware, a story will play out for you during the day, and you can chose to ignore it or embrace it. It starts off innocent enough and then all of a sudden you are standing at that beautiful place that Robert Frost describes. For me it is a dirt path filled with fallen leaves ankle high all around my feet. I see the sun filtering through the branches, still holding on to straggling leaves that the wind has not yet blown down to the ground. The picture conjured up on its own merit is innocent and even in  the words of Robert Frost it doesn't seem ominous, just a road less traveled! But when that obstacle arises in your life it can become something much more sinister. It can become the battle between  good and evil. Even when you have learned the good lesson and have been practicing that lesson, the deception and seduction of evil can taste so sweet, and become overwhelming to ignore. You can justify in your head the route each path will lead you, but you know the truth of which one you NEED to choose. So what happens when you deliberately go against that ? I can't answer that for you, it is in your own conscience to decide! 
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