Like a poppy seed hitting her face, she felt the first raindrop flick just above her eyebrow. The sun still shone  brightly, but the white cotton clouds had collected bottom edges of gray by now, and she thought it would not be long before she would feel another ping. 

   Each footstep led her way from the edge of the surf where the tumble of briny green water had saturated and compacted the sand. Hypnotized by the rhythmic motion of the tide she watched it over and over again, as it came in and out. Each time the flats drained their water, she noticed the curves of wetness that remained as they turned from the color of coffee to the color of linen. 

   Continuing to move up the beach she felt the hard-packed sand quickly change to sugar sand, and her feet sank into it deeply. The muscles in her calves were working harder now as her torso bent forward to dig into the warm sand. Her pace began to slow a bit as she came upon the rocky deposits that the sea had left behind each time it retreated back to the ocean. It was at this transition that smoothed shards of glass, in blue and green and amber, could be found during treasure hunts for sea-glass. This time however, there was no time to stop for the clouds had moved in, and the golden sun had disappeared behind them. 

   As the wind began to stir up another raindrop hit her cheek, reminding her that a quick summer squall was about to ensue. A rumble in the distance warned of the possibility for thunder and maybe some lightening too. Soon, drops became  sprinkles a sure sign that the storm was imminent. Just as her foot hit the bottom step of the porch the skies opened up in a torrent....

Sometimes God is like a summer squall.  The torrent may take hours, or days, or even years to finally come, but when you look back you can remember that very first drop when He tried to catch your attention. Even if you ignored that nudge to pursue the things that mattered most to you at the time, He continued to poke you. The next time was not just with a drop, but a sprinkle.

The easy path of life will always be interrupted, as the walk we live becomes laborious and we begin to stumble on the rocks in front of us. Oftentimes we cannot recognize that the easy journey has begun to turn, because we have relied solely on ourselves. We think we can do it all, until that one day when we find ourselves on the brink of a full blown storm. 

Wouldn't it be comforting to know that we are prepared, and that our footing is in that perfect place of shelter each and every moment, of each and every day.  What signs do we need in order to become aware of that safety? They are all around for us to recognize if we would just slow down so we can become aware of the changing clouds. I hope you won't ignore that first drop for too long, for a torrent is sure to come.

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